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value is greater than 3, otherwise the style "green" is applied. Sech Returns the hyperbolic secant of a number. The sine of 30 degrees.5. Syntax SUM(Number1; Number2;.; Number30) Number 1 to Number 30 are up to 30 arguments whose sum is to be calculated. The Function Wizard assists you with nested functions. Syntax randbetween(Bottom; Top) Returns an integer random number between integers Bottom and Top (both inclusive).

The optional CellText parameter is the text or a number that is displayed in the cell and will be returned as the result. Syntax ABS(Number) Number is the number whose absolute value is to be calculated.

In address, the parameter is inserted as the fourth parameter, shifting the optional sheet name parameter to the fifth position. Syntax choose(Index; Value1;.; Value30) Index is a reference or number between 1 and 30 indicating which value is to be taken from the list. I've read in the help, the conversion factors are given in a list in the configuration, but I couldn't find where to set them. ROW(Rabbit) returns the single-column array (1, 2, 3) if "Rabbit" is the named area (C1:D3). Syntax atan2(NumberX; NumberY) NumberX is the value of the x coordinate. Vlookup, vertical search with reference to adjacent cells to the right. XCL always rounds away from zero.