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for the USD and are holding a long position, any number such as NFP is important. . You may look to tighten up a stop on a current Forex trade. How Important Are News Releases In General? Forex factory news calendar, you can see that the calendar at Forex Factory is probably one of the best Forex calendars you will find for free on the internet. Because you can look weeks into the future, ensure this date is the date you are trading. This can indicate whether things are getting worse or are improving. When we are talking about forex trading we re talking about cryptocurrency trading and everything that comes with this, This is a much larger industry then people assume when they are thinking about trading Forex. How You Can Use The Forex Factory Calendar. You need to know when the economic release is happening and this calendar shows that time and can be customized to fit your own time zone. Red rated reports on the Forex Factory calendar represent news events that can shake the FX market.

The indicator pulls news data from Forex Factory and plots it on your MT4 charts. Lets start on the left side of the image and cover what each column represents. Are all releases important? . On the flip side of that, weak numbers less than forecast or even negative numbers can weaken the USD. . Red means high impact news, orange means medium impact news, yellow means news is low impact, heres a screenshot of how the indicator looks like: Thats. So where does one look for information about forex? The Forex Factory calendar, as they put it themselves is highly advanced, famously reliable forex calendar packed with features and information that helps forex traders make better decisions. Click on the expert advisors tab.

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