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to achieve growth for the overall Nitro network. Current price.00000015 BTC Market cap 641,687 Daily change.01 #391 DRP Utility (drpu) drpu is an utility token of dcorp, which is an autonomous, decentralized and democratic organization that exists on the blockchain in the form of a series of smart contracts. Their mission is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone and accelerate safe adoption of blockchain technology for consumers and financial institutions. Current price.00003346 BTC Market cap 218,668,000 Daily change -3.47 #13 Pundi X (PXS) Pundi X is a payment platform that leverage the Ethereum blockchain to ease the cryptocurrency payments or transactions. Current price.00010015 BTC Market cap 26,333,200 Daily change -1.61 #83 Fusion (FSN) fusion is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform that utilizes distributed network nodes to control various types of tokens' private keys to make cross-chain smart contracts possible. Current price.00000147 BTC Market cap 3,742,380 Daily change.03 #228 Gems (GEM) Gems is a protocol for contracting workers to perform micro tasks. Populous uses multiple global standards including Z Score formula, Smart Contracts, xbrl data, Stable pegged tokens and more to create a unique global trading environment for investors and sellers to trade invoices from all around the world. Current price.00000124 BTC Market cap 3,018,630 Daily change.51 #250 CargoX (CXO) CargoX aims to disrupt the global logistics industry by introducing Smart B/L documents based on blockchain technology, replacing old-style paper Bill of Lading documents. Current price.00000126 BTC Market cap 36,912,800 Daily change -4.32 #73 Ethos (ethos) Ethos is a people-powered cryptocurrency platform. Current price.00000008 BTC Market cap 4,513,600 Daily change.43 #213 Neurotoken (NTK) NeuroToken (NTK) is a utility token of the Neuromation Platform used in all transactions related to distributed computing tasks on the platform and serving as a reward for providing computing capacity. CoinMeet combines blockchain, mobile internet, biometric identification and machine learning and provides revolutionary and distributed digital financial service for people all around the world. The platform is powered by the IndaHash token (IDH an ERC20 token that is used as the medium of exchange between brands and influencers.

It allows users to guess future prices to earn gems, learn about community tendencies and have access to the sophisticated data to improve their intuition. TRX is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, acting as the basic unit of account on the platform. Current price.00001224 BTC Market cap 1,333,790 Daily change -5.9 #312 Ethorse (horse) Ethorse is an Ethereum Smart Contract based DApp for betting on the price of Cryptocurrencies. Current price.00005725 BTC Market cap 130,633,000 Daily change.03 #18 Status (SNT) Status is an open source messaging platform and mobile browser that allows users to interact with decentralized applications (dApps) that run on the Ethereum Network.

Users whose votes turn out to be correct are rewarded in the denomination of Reputation (REP) tokens, the native currency of the Augur platform. Current price.00003099 BTC Market cap 48,169,500 Daily change.18 #55 Enigma (ENG) Enigma is a decentralized data marketplace, that guarantees the privacy of their users' shared data cryptographically. Current price.00000105 BTC Market cap 4,116,760 Daily change -0.37 #227 Datawallet (DXT) Datawallet is a decentralized Customer-to-Business data exchange that provides users with a self-sovereign wallet that puts them in charge of their data, and allows them to monetize as well as utilize. Org fiancé [email protected]éfo [email protected]é [email protected]ém matiné [email protected]é. The gifto Protocol is envisioned to be a self-governing and self-sustaining ecosystem for virtual gifts to be created, curated, tracked, bought, sent and exchanged across any content platform such as, Instagram, Facebook, and Uplive. It aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product and service providers. The core feature that makes Zilliqa scalable is sharding - dividing a large network of machines processing transactions into parallel sub-committees or shards.

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